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Basics of the Musebrink technology

The basic courses in the Musebrink technology, led by the assistant Gabi Tessaro, provide a basic knowledge in theory and practice in order to learn about the different structures, binders and pigments.

The fundamental new feature of  Gabriele Musebrink is the “Process Painting of Intuitive Power”, which means that one’s own inner space is discovered and all following conditions develop from it. This is done in a way in which not everything can be controlled. Admission and endurance are required while you surrender a creative inside, outside process. Techniques are then learned and refined.

In this course you have the chance to ask questions and you will get in-depth knowledge, so that they no longer interfere with the free flow of creativity that are offered in Gabriele Musebrink’s advanced seminars.


  • academy Fabrik am See in Horn/Gaienhofen (Germany)

The 4-day basic seminars are planned for the academy Fabrik am See.
Gabriele Musebrink will be present on the 4th day to clarify any outstanding composition questions.

At the Art-Teams in Herisau,Switzerland, we’ve planned a two-day special course dedicated to individual themes and working towards Gabriele Musebrink’s seminars. Dates and topics will be announced during the year.

On a regular basis, I offer courses in my studio in Schaffhausen, where I exclusively teach the Gabriele Musebrink technique. Dates by arrangement only.

current courses

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